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Diversified Chiropractic

Diversified chiropractic is a very commonly used chiropractic technique, combining elements from a number of chiropractic manipulative technique protocols.


Diversified chiropractic is characterised by a “by hand” delivery of a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust, or adjustment, into areas of the spine or extremities determined to have fixations or misalignments.  This technique can be used on virtually any joint within the body to improve range of motion and function.


Prior to receiving an adjustment, the chiropractor will individually assess the degree and quality of range of motion within the joint to specify the location and severity of any joint dysfunction.  The patient will then be positioned by the chiropractor so that a very quick and very specific impulse can be appropriately delivered.  Patients may hear a “crack” or “popping” sound – this is simply the sound of gas bubbles popping within the joint’s fluid as the pressure is released.  It does not cause any harm; nor does the lack of any sound indicate that the adjustment was unsuccessful or ineffective.



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