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How we work

How do you work?

Treatments will begin with a mixture of chiropractic adjustment and soft tissue work.   We always start with the most conservative treatment and gradually build from there so that we can better gauge your progress and what therapy is most effective for you.


You will also likely be given a program of stretch and strengthening exercises to do at home to allow you to “take charge” of your own treatment.  These will be taught to you at clinic to ensure they are performed correctly and printed instructions will be given to you to help you remember them at home.


Treatments will typically last between 20-30 minutes.


How many times will I need to see you?

The number of treatments will depend on what is causing your pain/complaint.  The treatment plan will be based upon your age, physical condition, lifestyle and unique problem(s).  It will also include an early re-evaluation to assess your progress and determine if chiropractic care is working for you or if you would be better referred to another medical professional.


The plan of care is composed of three stages:

  • During initial intensive care, treatment is directed toward reducing or eliminating the most obvious symptoms/pain. Visits may be more frequent depending upon the severity of your condition.
  • The objective of the second phase of treatment, rehabilitative care, is to stabilize biomechanical function and promote complete healing.  Time between treatments will gradually increase as the body gets stronger and more mobile.
  • The third stage involves maintenance care aimed at keeping function within the body at an optimal level.  Chiropractic care will only be recommended if/as necessary depending on your job, physical health and lifestyle.



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